Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Annapolis Protests Marked the Anniversary of U.S. Attack on Iraq

At least four protests took place in Annapolis around the fourth anniversary of the United States' attack on Iraq and others were held nearby. In the middle of the day Friday several people gathered under the eaves of the Market House to read the names of those killed in Iraq while serving in the U.S. armed forces. The regular weekly antiwar vigil on Spa Creek bridge took place on Sunday. And Move On members organized vigils Monday night in Crofton and Bowie and on the Spa Creek bridge and at Church Circle.

Monday night a large, spirited group marched up and down and back and forth on the Spa Creek bridge from 6 p.m. until nearly 7. A reporter and a photographer from the Capital were there when the last stragglers arrived and before the first to leave did so. Here's a link to their coverage.

Shortly before 7 most of the participants set out to walk to the Church Circle vigil, forming a spontaneous antiwar march through downtown. The marchers joined the vigil already in progress in front of St. Anne's and more participants continued to arrive for most of an hour.

You've got to hand it to Move On. Despite its shortcomings, which you can read about here, the group has provided tools that people at the grass roots have used effectively to organize demonstrations and to find demonstrations to join. The largest demonstrations in Annapolis against the U.S. attack on Iraq have consistently been those organized by or in cooperation with Move On.


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